Shown above: An exterior view of the Hide & Leather House in Napa, California.

About The Hide & Leather House

The Hide and Leather House has more than 3,000 types of leather hides for sale, available to ship within 2-3 days from its Napa, California, warehouse.

Hide House Order Staging in Warehouse 

Shown above: The Hide & Leather House's order staging and fulfillment

Our Customer Promise

With thousands of leather hides and accessories in myriad colors, finishes, patterns and sizes available in our extensive warehouse, orders are ready to be staged and shipped to you within a day or two. Since 1979, we have provided high quality leather products to the trade for use in aircraft, automotive, upholstery, garments, footwear, personal gear, handbags and luggage, belts, equestrian and saddlery, home decor, orthopedic and prosthetic. Our goods are also used with motorcycles, interior design, hospitality, and a variety of apparel.

Hide House Warehouse Long Rows of Hides

Our Napa, California, warehouse has miles of rows of leather hides.

Our Sourcing, Importing and Contract Tanning

All our leathers are sourced from within the United States and imported from around the world. Domestically, we do an abundance of “contract tanning” of various leathers, including cowhide, deerskin, elkskin and bison.

Hide House View of 2 Shelves of Hides

Shown above: Hide racks in our warehouse

Our Leather Accessories, Tools and Hardware

In addition to our leather hides, we sell a wide array of accessories, such as leather lace spools. We have wide selection of tools for crafting finished leather goods. And we have numerous options for leather hardware, from zippers to buckles, conches and more.


Hide House Accessories Staging Area in Warehouse

Shown above: Leather accessories, tools and hardware in our warehouse

Unparalleled Selection, One-Stop Shopping

On occasion we have to send out a posse to find a lost staff member. That's how big our warehouse is! (We're just kidding about the posse.) Our fulfillment team moves with the precision of expert barrel racers, rounding every corner of the warehouse at top speed to meet our fast service goals. Our sales team coordinates with fulfillment and the accessories, tools and hardware team to ensure we have everything you need.

Hide House Warehouse Corner View

Shown above: A corner of The Hide & Leather House warehouse

Our Customer Service

Our leather goods are available for wholesale and retail purchase. We ship anywhere in the world! And we are open to the public Monday through Friday at our Napa, California, warehouse.

We pride ourselves on our great customer service. Get started shopping, open your free account or shop our sale items. For questions or assistance, call U.S. Order Toll Free: 800-453-2847, International Orders: 707-255-6160, or fax: 707-226-8527.